A New Journey

I’m sharing this based on what I wrote 4 years ago, with just a few tweaks, as almost all of it is just as applicable now as it was then.

And so today begins a new journey for our country.

I firmly believe we do not have to be the divided nation we have seemingly self-prescribed. We are not confined to view our world through the lenses of blue and red. The reality is not the 1% vs. the middle class vs. the poor. We are more than that. We are more than the color of our skin, more than our religion, more than our sexual preferences, and more than whether we live in rural or urban America. I can confidently stand here and proclaim this because our equality isn’t based on some man-made, modern, social justice theory. Our equality exists because we were formed “Imago Dei,” in the image of God.

I believe if we all individually wrote out what our ideal America should look like, we would find many more similarities than differences. At that point our disagreements wouldn’t be based on what can I do to oppose efforts by competing political ideologies, rather they would be based on what is the best course of action to reach our common “end game.”

This statement I wrote last time is just as true today, but this time it’s a completely different ‘group of friends’– I am writing this from a position of hope that many of my friends do not share. But just like 4 years ago, my hope is not based on any one individual, just as my vote has never been “for” any individual candidate. I have a number of guiding principles that I believe are best for this country, and I cast my vote for those whom I believe will implement policies that most closely align with my beliefs. We don’t know what the future holds, but I firmly believe the more we move towards smaller government, restoring states’ rights, cutting regulation, reigning in health care costs, encouraging entrepreneurship, and focusing on job growth, the better our nation will be.

Having said all that, my biggest hope overall is somehow in the coming months and years ahead we can begin to realize that we are not destined to be a divided people. That ultimately, we are Imago Dei.

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